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 ​​ New  Mexico

Class Requirements

​​​Riders must have enough riding experience to feel comfortable with the basic operation of their motorcycle. Typically, one full riding season or 3,000 miles of recent riding experience will provide this comfort level.

We do not provide any equipment for riders. All riders must come prepared for class with their own motorcycle and protective gear!

All students participating in the class must have the following:

​     - a motorcycle in good operating condition (includes battery and tires).

     - a valid motorcycle operator's license.

​     - motorcycle registration AND proof of insurance

​     - the following protective gear:

          · DOT-approved helmet

          · over-the-ankle boots

          · long pants (denim jeans are preferred – sweat pants are not acceptable)

​          · eye protection (i.e., glasses, sunglasses, goggles, or helmet face shields)

          · gloves (full-fingered gloves are recommended but not required)

          · heavy jacket for braking exercise

​​All students will be required to sign a liability waiver from Ride Like A Pro New Mexico and from the property owner of the training site.

Any student who behaves in a way that interferes with the learning of the other students, or who the instructor feels, because of their behavior, presents a danger to themselves or the other students will be dismissed from the class and will forfeit their class fee.