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"If you're not riding with skill, you're riding with luck. Eventually, your luck will run out."


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Police Motor Officers are the top 2% of riders in America.  They are able to handle 800 lb. motorcycles with the ease of a child’s toy.  What do Police Motor Officers know about riding that you don’t?  Simply put, these officers know three techniques.  Just three.  These techniques allow anyone, regardless of their size or strength, to handle even the biggest, heaviest, motorcycle with ease and confidence.

RIDE LIKE PRO is now in New Mexico!

Ask yourself the following questions. As a rider, do you...
    -  fear dropping your bike?

    -  feel unsteady when riding slow?

    -  ride around the block to avoid making a U-Turn?

     - avoid making slow tight turns in parking lots?

     - know how to pick up your bike? 

If any of the above questions made you stop and think about your riding skills...

      Then it’s time to receive professional instruction in Police-Style Motorcycling!

By completing this course, you will have developed skills that will noticeably set you apart from most riders.

​​Advanced Rider Course
Police Motor Officer Style
​Training For Civilian Riders

Cody Roberts - Ride Like A Pro New Mexico Instructor

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this course you will learn how to apply these simple and proven techniques to ride your heavyweight motorcycle skillfully and with confidence.